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SAN Jiangzhi Tongshu Forte (80 caps)

Dr. Chen
8,47 €
0,11 €/caps
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SAN Jiangzhi Tongshu 80 caps
7,74 €
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Virgin Tea Forte 15 filter
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Virgin Tea 15 filter
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Virgin Tea Forte capsule

Virgin Tea Forte capsule contains a higher concentration of the active ingredients of the original formula.

Virgin Tea Forte capsule contains high amounts of antioxidants (green tea), which contribute to the neutralization of free radicals that can damage the body. Due to its EGCG content, it can complement the effects of a slimming diet. Garcinia cambogia promotes the conversion of fats into useable energy.

The polyphenols in Virgin Tea Forte contribute to the efficiency of the slimming diet in a more powerful way. Always keep in mind that successful weight loss is a gradual process: the preservation of your health is a life-long task.


2x1 capsules a day.