How to prevent our letters to get in the SPAM directory?

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If you have subscribed to our newsletter then we theink you wouldn't want to miss our latest articles or current discounts - it may happen that we send out certain discounts only in our newsletters. If your provider puts our letters in your SPAM directory for some reason, there is a high chance you will miss these opportunities. Let's we what we can do about that!


You need to do the following if our letter lands in your SPAM folder. First of all you should select the given letter and then click on the "not SPAM" button.

This way you can easily put the letter into your "Incoming messages" folder. After that you should receive a feedback ro that action.

Obviously you receive many newsletters. If you wouldn't like our newsletter to get lost in the crowd, you can put it in the incomming messages folder, right where it belongs. ;) If you would like to, do the following.

Select the message and drag it into the "Primary" tab. When you do this the color of tha tab changes as seen below.

This is not yet done - Gmail will ask if future letters should go into the same place. Of course you should chose yes. ;)

These two steps will do the trick just fine, our newsletter won't get lost in the system.


Yahoo is also tend to mark our letter as SPAM. If you are suspicious about not receiving letters from us, then click on the SPAM directory. Select the wrongfully SPAM labelled message and select "not SPAM" from the upper menu. Click on it and the letter will be among the incoming letters!

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