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Ginseng + Royal Jelly Ampulles (10 amp.)

Dr. Chen
4,51 €
0,45 €/amp.
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Ginseng + Royal Jelly

Ginseng is a natural tonic for improve general wellbeing and healthcare. This product is a concentrated liquid form of top quality ginseng from North-East China. It is a natural nourishing herbal supplement with many obvious health effects, such as improve stamina and memory, removes fatigue and tiredness, making you full of vigor, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Royal Jelly is the main food source for queen bees, who have a life span 3- to 40 times longer tan the worker bees. Royal Jelly also called Queen Jelly is a completely organic product. It is particularly helpful in Neurastheria, Palpitation, Poor Appetite, Insomnia, Forgetfulness, and General Frailt

  • Each vial contains 200mg of ginseng and 300mg of royal jelly
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micronutrients
  • Provides more energy
  • Improves physical and intellectual performance