Pump Express 2.0 (660 gr.)

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Pump Express 2.0

As far as Pump Express 2.0 is concerned, a new era has begun in the history of pre-workouts: most of the pre-workout formulas use a huge amount of stimulants but Pump Express 2.0 tokk a big risk and approached the problem from a different point of view. It also containts some stimulants but far less than an avarage pre-workout. No, Pump Express 2.0 itself concentrates on the physical power, not the mental one: it's special carb and amino acid matrix (and of course the creatine) provides your muscles with sufficient amount of fuel for the workouts. More fuel=more work. Everything is given for a heavy workout!

The recommended use of Pump Express 2.0

Take one scoop of Pump Express 2.0 15-20 minutes before workout. If you'll have a difficult one, then consider using another serving during your workout, but that's optional.

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