Solarium: is it Worthy or Not? Part I.

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From bodybuilding's perspective, the color of the skin is hugely important. The browner, darker the body, the most "contrasty" it looks, therefore, the more muscular it seems. That's why bodybuilders get an instant tan before they walk to the stage to compete: a good tan can make a competitor finish a couple of places higher.

Unfortunately, in winter it gets darker sooner, we often don't even see the sun, and when we do, it does not touch our bodies. Therefore

in winter everybody gets pale, everybody loses some muscle – of course just optically.

But since bodybuilding is the sport of illusions, this optical thing is important.

Due to our modern technology, we can get a nice tan, a good-looking brown body without the power of the sun in winter months too. Yes, I am thinking about solarium (although there are more options too, they are so very harmful that I'm not going to mention them).

egy jó barnítás akár pár helyezéssel is feljebb tudja repíteni a versenyzőt.

But is it worth going into the solarium, or not because it's dangerous?

When it comes to tanning beds, there are a lot of myths about it that needs to be killed. So let's start!

First myth: you need a base tan

A lot of people think they must go to a tanning bed before going on vacation to avoid getting a sunburn. This is a big mistake. Because let's think about it: what does happen when your skin gets darker? It receives damage. The skin gets browner because it starts to produce melanin to protect itself from harmful UV rays.

Because there is also damage occurring in the DNA, the skin will not only become browner but thicker too.

What's the lesson?

There are a few. The first one: do not "pre-tan" before going on vacation to avoid a sunburn. The second: do not lay into the fluorescent neons for more time when you are already browner because you're thinking now there is less chance for sunburn.


You only have to remember this word.

Second myth: you can get vitamin D with a tanning bed

Everybody knows how to get in vitamin D which is very important for the body. Some people go into a solarium to get vitamin D.

Huge mistake.

We can take in vitamin D three different ways, in this order of importance:

  • if sunlight reaches about 40% of the body for at least 20 minutes continuously
  • if we take vitamin D supplements (at least 2000 IU a day)
  • if you consume certain foods and oils (salmon, sardines, cod liver oil, mushrooms, egg yolks)

What's the lesson?

Do you see on the list that you can take in vitamin D with fluorescent neon tubes? Then don't fall for marketing.

We will continue the article soon by destroying even more harmful myths about solarium, and we will also answer to the question of the article in the next one.

Stay tuned!

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