The benefits of rice protein

The benefits of rice protein

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We tried the new Rice protein from BioTech USA. Both its taste and texture are excellent, especially compared to other rice proteins. At last, a protein was made with no smack or muddy texture! But what can we do with it now in the multitude of whey protein products? What it is good for, who should try it and why.

Isn’t rice a carbohydrate source?

Yes, basically it is. However, it also contains proteins which can be extracted from it, and which make an excellent base material for a protein shake.

There are so many proteins on the market... Why a vegetable protein?

Because everybody needs protein who exercises. And it is particularly important for building muscles. However, there can be several reasons for opting for a vegetable protein source. So, here we are listing a few.

Lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity? Here’s the answer!

If you keep your eyes open, you might have noticed that there are more and more people who have problems with milk, dairy products or milk derivatives. There are more and more people with milk allergy or lactose intolerance. So, for them, a rice protein shake is an excellent alternative, because it is rich in quality protein. Plus, BioTech USA Rice Protein is also free of added sugar and gluten. So, if you have complex digestive issues, or you simply endeavor to avoid allergens, it is definitely worth a try for you, too.

Are you a vegetarian? Here’s the answer for you, too!

The number of vegetarian athletes also seems to be increasing. Many avoid meat for various reasons. Let them do that, it’s not our business. However, they also need protein to build muscles. And since it would be difficult to consume the necessary amount of protein from vegetables, Rice protein is perfect for them as well, as it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients!

A 25 g portion of BioTech USA Rice Protein contains 20 g of protein. It also contains inulin, a substance which supports digestion and enhances the utilization ratio of proteins. Available in chocolate-cinnamon flavor, with natural cinnamon!

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There are so many vegetable proteins on the market... Why rice protein?

One of the benefits of rice protein compared to other vegetable protein sources is that it doesn’t have a muddy texture; its taste is much smoother. Plus, it is easily digestible for most people, free of milk derivatives and hypoallergenic.

It is worth trying and comparing with whey – if you used it so far – you might feel you digest it better, it is lighter for your stomach and won’t cause any bloating etc.

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