Which Foods to Stack up on Instead of Sugar and Flour?

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people started to stock up on sugar and flour, like there's no tomorrow. We'll tell you how to do this smarter. This is the Builder way!

Although both of them are "basic foods", there are many more important foods than these for you to buy. Whenever one of our readers ask us how to have healthy nutrition, one of our first tips is to consume less from two basic foods: sugar and flour. Which is exactly what most people buy nowadays besides toilet paper.

Of course, when things go south, healthy nutrition is by far not the priority, survival is. But there's no need to panic: we are not preparing for wartime (thankfully).

The worst-case scenario is home (or hospital) quarantine. The food stores, pharmacies will never-ever close (not even in Italy where the coronavirus pandemic is the worst in the world), we or our family members will always be able to buy and order food, and we could go on with the comforting words.

But if you want to stock up on foods, by all means, do not buy tons of flour and sugar. You are not a professional baker, are you?.

Canned food (like this) that can be stored without cooling for a long time is a much better choice. Besides normal pasta, you can buy high protein pasta, and there is bread with protein also. It's good to stack up on frozen foods, you can store these in your freezer for years, but you should know that these are unhealthy (except veggies and fruits) because you have to cook them in a lot of oil.

Oat Flakes can be stored as well and they are really good sources of carbs. There has never been a better time to stack up from supplements. Protein powders, weight gainers, energy and protein bars can easily be used as meal replacements and they are exceptionally useful for any household.

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Coconut oil is not to be missed from our list, because, unlike most oils, you can use it multiple times for cooking or baking. Long-life milk is a must-have too, and you should also buy oilseeds and peanut butter as these are a much better choice than sugar as they are very healthy and also contain a lot of energy.

Rice and potatoes are a must also, you need nothing but water and some salt to prepare them.

We cannot stress enough: there's no need to panic: you don't need to fill your whole house with food until you can't even move. Stacking up with sugar and flour should be avoided – as you can see, there are some much better alternatives.

Hand sanitizers are also heavily overrated: soap, liquid soap is more effective against coronavirus because, with them, you wash everything off of your hands instead of just lubricating everything on your hands left and right.

And do not forget about micronutrients. These are your vitamins and minerals. You should consume more vitamins now than you would normally from water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C.

Look after yourself, stay healthy, and look after others!

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