Why Do They Hate Us?

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One of our readers suggested that we should discuss this topic: Why everybody hates and stigmatizes us, who take extra care of our bodies and nutrition. What can be the reason?

Don’t you f*cking care

First of all: even though many tend to complain for hours about being outcasts because of training, carrying their food in boxes etc, let’s make it clear: this makes absolutely no sense. There is only one thing you can do about such people: don’t you give them a shit. Because they are so low that they don’t even deserve your poo. :) It makes no sense to take them seriously. It is a basic rule that you should ignore anyone who pulls you back in life; just rise above them and do not care.

bodybuilder’s diet, bodybuilding diet, weight-gaining dietAre we irritating?

Now just because you asked for it: let’s examine what can be the motive behind “shunning” those who take more care of their bodies than average. And I don’t mean competing or competitor’s physique.

Well, on one hand, the answer is quite simple. On the other hand, it requires some self-examination from our side, too. Because such behavior can have several motives. Let’s start with the most common:

Frustration and jealousy

No one likes being confronted with the truth. Neither do you, I’m pretty sure. But if one is confronted with it daily (even though not on purpose), that you do what they cannot do, well, that will lead to frustration. There are several ways to handle this: if they are smart, they can use it to fuel their own transformation. However, this is less likely to happen. There is the easy way; the path of the dark side, which is not stronger, only quick and easy (as we know from Master Yoda): that is, telling BS like you are a narcissistic douchebag and you surely use steroids. They will always find a way to explain why it is easy for you and difficult for them. They start bugging you about your “monotonous” diet, your “fake powders” and “fake” vitamins. That’s the way they are trying to position themselves above you. They keep explaining themselves to prove that:

  • you are doing it wrong
  • what they do (or rather: what they don’t do) is fine as it is. Or, they have no chance to do it differently. You’ll see: they always have a good excuse. They are the masters of the “yeah, but...” game.

If you care the least about this, well, that’s the biggest mistake you can make. Nothing satisfies a jealous and malicious person better than seeing that they have successfully ruined your day. Take my advice: do not laugh at them; do not repost; the worst punishment for people of this kind is when you ignore them, like they didn’t exist. If you care about them, they will think their opinions matter.

For most people it is much easier to assume that there is something fishy behind a great result than to accept that someone has simply worked for success. Doing so, it is much easier to handle their own failure. If you are muscular, you must have used steroids. If you have money, you must have committed tax fraud or inherited it from dad. “You have worked for it” is not an option.

healthy dietWhether they bug you about your food or physique (“This is too muscular”; “This is unnatural”; “The real strength is in the masons” etc.), the motive is jealousy and frustration in about 90% of the cases. True: speaking of physique, anyone can say it is a matter of preference. OK. We accept that not everybody likes it. But there is one thing: people who don’t like it won’t care about it and won’t feel a strong urge to inevitably inform you about their opinion. You are probably a carnivore. And you probably don’t spend your time trolling on vegetarian blogs or nagging your vegetarian friend. If they want to be vegetarians, you let them be. Live and let live. People who explicitly devote time and effort to bug you or other athletes who are more muscular than average are surely frustrated and, deep inside, they want to look like that, too, even though they have never been strong enough to do anything for it. It must be really frustrating to see someone has done it while they haven’t, isn’t it? :)

However, it is important to understand that the frustration of other people is their problem, not yours. It is not your responsibility to “cure” them (which is impossible anyway) or fight them. This is not your misery. If they are lucky, they will find a case that is important, interesting and useful for them, which can help them regain self-esteem so they can spend their precious energy on more productive stuff. If they don’t: well then, they will be the ones who keep whining and blaming others for everything, without the idea of personal development (physical or mental) crossing their minds for a single second.

Does it really have no ground?

And now the bitter pill (at least for some). Let’s try the viewpoint of an outsider. What do average people see when they look at us? Do you think they see all the work? Do you think they see all the stuff you need to learn about nutrition if you take it really seriously? Do you think they see all the work you do at the gym? No, they only see this:

  • What is pouring from the mainstream media: “He pumped himself up with steroids”; “He used drugs”; “Doping killed him” etc. People who have no connection to this subculture whatsoever, other than what they see in the tabloids (and are brainwashed enough to believe it all) are hopeless to “enlighten” or, it would take a whole lot of time. You have two choices: you can go on a mission to “convert” them; but be prepared, it would take immense effort, and most likely, without any result. Or, plan B: see above.
  • What they see in social media, in the gym, or what they hear from friends. And here is the problem: an average person may be absolutely right to consider even recreational bodybuilders narcissistic assholes. If all they can see in social media are your posing pictures; if all they can hear about is the stuff you take; if workout is all you can talk about: well then, my friend, people are right to think that your little world is limited to this kind of stuff. We have discussed it several times. Imagine an average person in the gym. What do they see the most? Dudes on steroids who spend more time talking loudly than working out. No wonder the won’t notice the ones who are working hard in silence. In this sense, the bodybuilding subculture has more or less earned this public opinion. And, of course, prejudices never matter to the ones they are based on, but to those who do NOT want to identify with such people.
    Solution? First, do not act in a way that justifies the prejudices. And second: if someone is not close to you enough to see the difference, see the solution above ;)

Just do it

All you have to do is do what you have always been doing and do not care about jealous or negative people. Not even if they are your parents or “friends”. Remember: people who have nothing better to do but criticize others have serious issues, and they will most likely never even get the chance to become successful in anything. Because successful people are not consumed with others but with their own (physical or mental) development. Successful people never care about people who are unsuccessful or act inappropriately. Successful people are only keen to learn from more successful people. This means, people who are obsessed with attacking you are obviously not successful and will never be. So, you don’t need to care about them.

All in all: don’t let frustrated people pull you down into the swamps of their failure; rise above them. You should care about your own physical and mental development, and not the negative people.


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